Born of a Sexy Black Dress.

In a project for a new media class in Fine Arts School, we had to recreate ourselves in an alter ego.To me back then it was clear, that I pictured myself as a sort of Vampire Femme Fatale. So I looked around my mom's old clothes to see if I could find something that I could use for the outfit. Found this alluring long black dress from the 1970's, got a wig, went to a Cemetery and some other "dark" old spots in my hometown, Bogota, set the camera on a timer and took some pictures of myself that depicted me as a Gothic, dark Vampyric woman. Many years later it would transform somehow into my known alter ego, Corporate Vampire. Eight years later, I discovered that my mother wore that same dress to a Christmas party in 1978 where one of my dad's aunts said she looked too sexy as if she was selling her appeal... 9 months after that day, I was born.

In a male dominated world, I want to add artistic value and say something else, with a feminist point of view, not depicting women as sex objects, but as powerful beings, expressing themselves through their bodies and their sexuality. This is the major aesthetic of alt-er-ego – and the central theme of my work. How we change when we are transformed into an image. We are never exactly ourselves when the camera’s sharp eye is pointed at us. We are altered by the act of being captured. Fictitious reality or the unconscious? A different personality always arises. The photograph brings out the unconscious, the hidden aspects of who we are. An instant, forever frozen in time. Testimony of the other.